Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Shannon Scholtes and I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Boulder County. I also have experience working with magazines and a variety of different businesses.

Who I am [professionally]
I started my career as a professional photographer in 2004. I have a BFA from Colorado State University with a concentration in Photography. First, I worked in a photography studio for 4.5 years where I was a photographer, photo editor/retoucher and studio manager. Adore Photography was created in 2006 and I took it to my full time business in 2009. I have photographed thousands of portrait sessions and well over 100 weddings.

Who I am [personally]
I am a Colorado native. After living in Fort Collins for about ten years, which I totally loved, I relocated to Louisville, CO. Like most Coloradoans I love being outside. Hiking in the mountains and going on family bike rides around town are some of my favorite ways to spend time. I love having a vegetable garden and fresh veggies in the fall. In addition to being a photographer, I am a mother to two beautiful and smart little kids. I also have a very wonderful and supportive husband, you can read about our love story below.

My love story begins when I was in college. During one of my college summers, I took a 5 week study abroad coarse with one of my German professors and a handful of CSU students in Hanover, Germany. At the time one of my good friends from high school was studying for a year in Karlsruhe, Germany through a program at her university. I went to visit her several weeks before my study abroad course started. She had met and become good friends with my husband and I met him the first day I arrived in Germany. After keeping up a long distance relationship (Germany to the U.S.) for 1.5 years my husband was able to secure an internship that would later turn into a full time job in Fort Collins. We married after about 2 years of dating and, as they say, the rest is history.